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Mockingjay Review

Spoiler Alert!!!!!

Real or not real? This book was awesome.


I finally had the chance to read this. It was my reward for finishing my latest work in progress, and was a well chosen reward. Finished this at 3:30 am. It was a satisfying read all the way around. The conclusion worked for me and no everything wasn’t perfect, but it was *right*

My quibbles were with the whole capital infiltration. It was all for naught because Katniss arrived at the same time as the rebels. She could’ve just gone with them and saved that loss of life. If the failure had been for some greater learning or revelation, it wouldn’t have bothered me, but it seemed to be just a waste of time for everyone.

I’ll be honest; when Katniss voted to do another round of hunger games for the capital’s children, I hated her. I hated her with every ounce of my being. You have to forgive me for not seeing through the subterfuge. It was 3 in the morning and I was tired! When the arrow knocked a new hole in Coin, I figured it out and got over it. When Coin said she’d flip Katniss for the chance to kill Snow, it very much felt like the hunger games vote was the coin toss. If Katniss hadn’t sided with Coin (no pun intended) on that one, she might not have been given the chance to be aiming arrows and keeping the entire mess  from hitting repeat.

I loved the ending. The ultimate ending. It had to be Peeta. Always. Gale was the hot headed guy who wanted revolution and war. Katniss just wanted to live her life with the people she loved.

When I heard there was a team Gale, I laughed. Seriously people? Team Gale? Peeta is the boy with bread. He is the life she wants. Enough said. I loved that Peeta had a reawakening on his feelings for Katniss. He finally saw Katniss for who she was and then wanted her still in the end. Once she’d been kicked off the pedestal–he was around to pick her back up, brush her off, and say, “I still choose you, even though you suck, and make me furious, and are sometimes incredibly selfish. I still want you, because of the million things you do that don’t suck, that aren’t selfish, that don’t make me furious.”

That’s true love, baby–realizing its imperfections and wanting it anyway.

So for me the book was great.  It was good to climb into bed at that hour and put my cold toes on my husband’s warm feet and be grateful for the things in my life–to be grateful for my own version of Peeta lying next to me–the man who knows all my demons, and sees all the flaws, yet says, “I still choose you.”

All in all I was/am satisfied with the book. Though I know it is wrong to covet the talents of other authors. I am insane with jealousy over the beautiful prose of this book. Maybe when I’m all grown up, I too can write like THAT.

Five stars. Thank you Suzanne Collins.