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It’s Out!!

Eyes Like Mine is officially available!


No, the launch party has not yet been totally nailed down. I am drowning in my things to do list. But the book is OUT! My dear friend, Heather Moore (who helped me in the editing process of this book) wrote me yesterday to let me know she bought a copy at Seagull Book and Tape. I am so jealous of her. I haven’t even seen my baby in its physical form yet. But I am wicked excited about the release of this book simply because it is a really awesome book. 🙂 You guys will all love it. I promise.

And to celebrate, let’s do a giveaway thing. Become a follower of this blog and leave a comment stating you’ve done so and I will have one of my kids do the drawing. If you’re already a follower, just leave a comment stating such. The contest will close on July 14th, just because that’s my daddy’s birthday and everyone should celebrate my daddy’s birthday (the entire country of France does every year). 

The prize? Well duh–it’s a free copy of Eyes Like Mine, and because I love you all so much and want you to be blessed with good reading, we’ll do a second drawing where the lucky winner gets a copy of English Trifle.


Getting a copy of English Trifle is way cool because it isn’t even available in bookstores until late July. You will want to read this book asap because it is simply so much fun! Since I have such awesome connections in having Josi Kilpack as one of best friends, I can get you a copy now. It’s true; I am cool. Actually, it is because of Josi that I didn’t give up or give in when things in my publishing life looked dark and terrifying. She helped me edit this book, advised me on conflict (which she is so good at) and acted as all around cheerleader when I got depressed. Everyone needs a Josi Kilpack in their lives.

Since Eyes like Mine is a time travel novel, it might be kind of fun to know if any of you could have a visitor out of the past stay in your home for a week , who would you want and why?

For me, if the person we’re meeting is a relative, I would want my Great Great Grandma Minnie Crawford. I found a journal page she wrote while doing my genealogy and felt such a connection to this woman who lived through so much and persevered to the end.  Grandma Minnie lived 99 years. She died two months before she hit the century mark two years before my birthday. I would like to meet her and have her meet me. I would like her to know what her life story meant to me in my life.

If I could meet up with a non relative, I’d want to spend that time with Jane Austen. I know I’m predictable, but wouldn’t she be fun to show the future to? I’d take her to see her own movies to see what she thought of them. I think she would be sooooo much fun to hang out with.

Eyes Like Mine

Eyes Like Mine

Eyes Like Mine

Here’s my new cover for my novel Eyes Like Mine. I am really excited about this book since it is truly a beautiful story. And remember all that whining I did about abridging the book and having to cut out HALF the words?

Well, my way cool and incredibly awesome editor decided an abridgement wasn’t necessary. That’s right, folks. I got to keep every word. I know!!! I am so excited (as you can see by my grammatically incorrect coupling of punctuation)! It’s already up on Seagull’s and DB’s websites which just staggers me since I don’t even have my official release date yet.

This has been such an amazing week, I’m not even sure how to process it all. First, I have the storymakers conference which is the highlight of my year, then I get an agent–and not just any agent–but Amy Jameson! Then I get an email from The Ensign magazine offering to buy an article I sent in, and now my cover and news of the no abridgement. I completely endorse the “no word left behind!” program Kirk has placed me on.

Seriously, I have burned so many calories from all the jumping around I’ve been doing.