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Hazzardous Universe


Hap Hazzard didn’t believe in aliens, talking spaceships, or that he would be the target of intergalactic bounty hunters.

Today, things are different.



“The Magician’s Last Words is the perfect book–a fun mix of humor, compelling plot, and action. I really loved it.” -James Dashner, New York Times-bestselling author of The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials.

“Aliens, Mobsters, magic, action, and humor–everything a reader could want!” -Jessica Day George, author of Princess of Glass and the Dragon Slippers series.

A fun and fresh space adventure.” -Hikari Loftus, Deseret News

Hazzardous Universe

Hazzardous Universe

Hazzardous Universe: The Magician's Last Words

Hazzardous Universe: The Magician’s Last Words

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7 Responses
  1. Rachel says:

    Will there be a Hazzardous Universe 3?

  2. jcwright says:

    Yes! It’s in the works. Kevin has some great things coming up!

  3. Carey says:

    Any idea when it will be coming out?

  4. jcwright says:

    The book is done and is in the publication process. But I don’t have a release date yet. 🙁 sorry, but soon, I hope!

  5. E says:

    Any news on the release date yet? So hard to wait when I know its so close!

  6. Anastasia B. says:

    Julie I just finished the second book and oh my goodness it was AMAZING! When I bought the audio book I was captured by the story and it’s characters and soon I was buying the book and before I even had it in hand I had drawn Laney and Svarta –>
    And then I bought the second book and the book just became that much better, I stayed up all night to read the end and I have no remorse for how incredibly awesome and worth it my night staying up tell five reading was.

    Thank you for such an absolutely incredible book and know that you can add one die hard fan to your list for this series because these books, characters and story are beyond fantastic! Keep up the great work and cannot wait and will be watching to hear more on H.U.3!

  7. Melissa Clark says:

    Wondering when Hazzardous Universe 3 will be coming out. I see that it was complete in 2015. I am halfway through #2 and love them!

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