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9 Responses
  1. dolly says:

    Hi Julie,
    We spoke at the CUW last month. We were talking about Harry Potter and you mentioned another series that was really good. My daughter works in the school library and is getting ready to order books. Long story short I forgot the name of the series and the author.
    Please refresh my memory.
    Really looking forward to February for your new book.


  2. Hi Julie,
    We met/spoke at the Indie Author Hub conference last night! I am reaching out to you so I can begin stalking your books!! Do you have any preferences for what I start with? If not, I will add you to my website and get stalking!! Can’t wait!!

    ~The Book Stalker

  3. jcwright says:

    Hi Kelley!
    To start with . . . it really depends on what sorts of things you like best. Romance? Science fiction middle grade? serious women’s fiction? What are your favorite genres?

  4. Loved Spell Check. Put reviews on Goodreads and AmazonYou’re my kind of humor and I love your voice. I’d love to read your romance. If you ever want to do an interview, please let me know.
    Write on!

  5. Hannah says:

    Hey sister Julie.
    I have to say. I hate romantic books, but adore MFL!! I have seriously. Read it like four million times….. I have recently grew a new appreciation for it since I am taking Child Development, and you got it all right!!! The Toximia symptoms and such, but this is regarding Suzie and Rion. And while by no means am I asking for a sequel (that would cheapen the entire story), and at the risk of sounding like Hazel, from “Fault in our stars”….
    What happened to Rion and Suzie? Sam and April? Suzies baby…….and most of all………. did sam and Suzie ever reconcile and have a loving (if only on one end) relationship with Doris?
    I understand if you don’t want to answer.
    Thank you for writing my not so fairytale life. You can never know how much it means to me.

    Much love.

  6. J. Kowallis says:

    Thanks so much!


  7. A White says:

    Dear Julie,

    I just wanted to thank you for the fun book that is Spell Check. Also, will you be writing a sequel, or anything else in the Spell Check world?


  8. I just found you and I love how you write. I just read The Lies Jane Austen Told Me and am now reading Cross My Heart. I love that they are clean, clever, funny, fun, have great original stories and are romantic. Thank you. I also wanted to say that I am a voice actresses and would LOVE to read one of your books for audible and amazon. It would be so fun and such a pleasure. Keep doing what you do!!

  9. Grant Woodbury says:

    hey this is a fan, id like to contact you about your book series hazardous Universe,

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