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Staying the Course


Stay the course” is a phrase used in the context of a war or battle meaning to pursue a goal regardless of any obstacles or criticism. There are a lot of areas in life where staying the course is exceptionally hard, where tossing the ticket and jumping the train seem like the better option.

If you’ve been through my blog posts over the years you will see lots of times where I was discouraged, frustrated, and about to jump from the train and take my chances with the ground. You will see all the times when I stood on the edge of the platform with the wind ripping through my hair and clothes, and the rails, tracks, and earth falling away behind me, and my toes hovering over the edge, my body leaning forward, my legs coiling and ready to spring.

But I never jumped off. You will see that too.

And I’m glad I didn’t.

Lots of good things have come from me staying the course as a writer. I have friends who I never would have met without writing–people I love so much it hurts. I’ve experienced some beautiful vistas: making best seller’s lists, winning awards, laughing all night during writing conference weekends, signing with my agent, having boxes of books mailed to my house by my publisher.

And I’ve also been through some nasty dark tunnels.

I am betting you have experienced the same. You have probably had tunnels so dark and long that you weren’t sure that you hadn’t been swallowed up entirely and light had turned into a thing of myth. You might be in one of those tunnels now.

But don’t jump.

You’ll be glad you didn’t. Because you never know where that last foot is before you break out into light again  and have a view of something magnificent. You simply don’t know. Wouldn’t it be tragic if you jumped too soon?

Stay the course, my friends, in whatever your endeavors are at this time. Something great is waiting on the other side of dark. Trust the engineer. I believe this.


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  1. Josi says:

    Oh Julie. Thank you for this. Needed it. Love you.

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