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What Will You Do When the Buzzer Sounds?

So many of us have greatness in us, things that we can do and do well, areas where we shine. Yet so few of us are willing to step up on the stage and share our gifts and talents.

Because it’s terrifying to take that first shaky step. And it’s scary to take the second and third as well. And the real kick in the head is that it doesn’t get less frightening with every step. The hundredth and thousandth are as hard as the first.

While you contemplate the great things you can do, watch this video. it’s worth the watch, and I promise I’ll wait.

Simon pushed the reject button early. And did you see the look on the faces of those two dancers. They were horrified for a brief second and a little irritated to be interrupted, but the fire in their eyes was unmistakable. The gauntlet had been thrown; they accepted the challenge and KEPT DANCING.

I’m a writer. It feels like my entire world is riddled with the red buzzer of rejection. It was there when I was trying to be published for the first time, when I was tying to get an agent, whenever someone leaves a bludgeoning review on Goodreads. A lot of my friends are at various stages in their writing careers as well. Some are just beginning to pen words down on pages. Some are beginning to submit to agents and editors. Several others are New York Times bestsellers, and some have movies being made of their books.

No matter where any of my friends are at in their career, they are facing the minefield of red buzzers, terrified to take that first, second, or hundredth step for fear of one little, red buzzer blowing up their dreams. I’ve seen a lot of good writers startle at the sound of a buzzer–startle, freeze, and then walk away even as their music changes tempo and the exciting stuff is about to begin. I’ve been one of those who startled and froze (one time I froze for a whole year).

But the buzzer doesn’t change what we can do well. We don’t magically become less worthy with that horrible noise. We only become distracted. We only become doubtful. The best way to overcome the doubt and distraction is to Keep Dancing.

Or painting, or singing, or adding up incredible sums of numbers that when configured a certain way is the gateway to time travel. Or in my case . . . to Keep Writing. Whatever your super power is, remember that a buzzer can not define your worth–especially when the exciting bit is about to begin.

Because you never know when someone else is about to push the golden buzzer.

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  1. Lisa Sledge says:

    Love this. Just what I needed today. 🙂

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