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Interesting Weird Things

julie wright quoteSo, a long time ago I had a really terrible day.  It was the day I snapped my ACL and tore all the other ligaments in my knee. It was while I was trying to figure out what to do with my knee that I wrote on Twitter: “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about.” Since then, I’ve used the quote several times, mostly in my own mumblings and rumblings when I talk to myself. Yes, I do talk to myself. I tell my children that talking to myself is the natural result of desiring intelligent conversation.

Last night I was tagged on one of those pictures that float around Facebook with an inspirational or funny quote. I was tagged by one of my writer friends and then asked the question, “When was this made?”

It was a fair question because it was the quote I’d put up on Twitter a couple years ago. And it was attributed to me (which is good, since I did write it, and I still believe it).

The thing is, I have no idea who made it, but the quote is doing the rounds on Facebook and getting some decent traction under it. The whole thing makes me laugh. What’s cool about it is that the facebook page that posted it originally is dedicated to the writing profession and my quote is up there with other authors like JK Rowling, CS Lewis, Stephen King, and Ray Bradbury. I am highly complimented.

Also recently I had a job interview for a job I really, really want. I got to the interview and found that the HR representative and the supervisor over the position I was applying for had Googled me, checked out my website, and found out about me through a little online investigation.

A few years ago, I had surgery. After surgery, I went in for a follow up and found that while I was under, the nurse told the doctor I was a writer. So he looked me up while my innards were flayed open on the operating table.

The point of all this?

You never know who is watching you online. And you never know what little tidbit some other person might pick up and make one of those picture quote thingys. Make sure you aren’t saying things online that will shame you to have attributed to you, or that will lose you opportunities (with jobs, publishing opportunities, etc). And make sure you never write anything online that will tick off your surgeon lest he decides to stitch your spleen to your lungs, because they apparently surf the web when they’re supposed to be working.

Your online presence matters and lasts way beyond the time you originally post anything. The comment that made it to a quote was something I said a long, long time ago, and apparently, it’s still out there.

Be careful with what you say, because you never know who’s peeking over your online shoulder. Creepy? Yes. Flattering? Sometimes. But always totally true.


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  1. Melissa J Cunningham says:

    You are so right and it is so good to be reminded. We people forget this so often. I recently wrote a post that Dave Farland commented on. I was so surprised. I couldn’t believe he read my posts. Same thing happened a few days later when Jack Weyland commented. I was stunned. People like them were reading my facebook posts? Yeah. It hit me hard the same way. I try to think back on all the posts and blogs I’ve written. I sure hope there is nothing there I’ll regret saying.

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