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How Will It All End???

I am reminded of the time when I watched the Truman Show with Jim Carey (brilliant film btw) . There were t-shirts and pins and advertisements everywhere with the question, “How will it end?” throught that movie.

Miss Rowling has created a true life how will it end scenario. Everyone wants to know. The end is here, the one we both long for and despise at the same time. We long for it because we WANT TO KNOW! We despise it because that means it’s all over and we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming.

On my way back to the airport, my lovely hostess asked me how I felt Harry Potter would end. She wanted to know my opinion as an author. How would I  end it. Well I’m not JK Rowling (my bank account reminds me of this every day), but I gave her my thoughts anyway.  Now I’ll share them with you: I believe Snape is good. Jeff Savage assured me that dumbledore never begs and so was asking Severus for a favor not asking him to spare Dumbledore’s life.

So I believe Snape really killed Dumbledore because Dumbledore told him he had to. I believe Snape is an amazingly deep and comples character who is at the core good.  I believe Harry is a Horcrux and will have to make the ultimate decision as to whether or not to sacrifice himself for the good of his friends and family and wizarding community or to try to beat the odds. I personally think he will choose to sacrifice himself. Harry is, after all, the ultimate in hero. 

My husband thinks Tonks will die. She could. I don’t personally think any of the main three kids will die except Harry, but I think Harry will be able to be able to not stay dead. He’s a wizard and he has had a lot of death in his life. I think He’ll get to stay the boy who lived. I’d love to see Snape be the professor of the dark arts class finally. Snape’s had a rough life and I think he deserves a break. I think Neville will end up as headmaster and Harry will be an auror like he wants.

Anybody else want to venture a guess??

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6 Responses
  1. Annette Lyon says:

    Harry can’t die, or Rowling will be pelted with rotten tomatoes everywhere she goes! She’s made a point over and over that no magic can bring back the dead, so she’d be breaking her own rules if she killed Harry and then brought him back. No–I agree with OSC that Snape will die as he aids Harry in defeating Voldemort.

    Can’t wait to find out, though. 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    My theory is that Harry will die, thus freeing himself of his horcrux status and conquering Voldemort, but somehow Forks will be involved with Harry being brought back. The concept of the phoenix is way too prominent in this story not to have some big part in the ending.

  3. Aneeka says:

    I don’t think Harry will die. For one thing, it would kill the business for the HP movies. It also could ruin a lot of kids’ enjoyment in reading, unless she REALLY pulls of an excellent way for Harry to die.

    I also doubt he’s a Horcrux since why would Voldemort be trying to kill him all these years if he had a part of his life in him? And if he was just doing a Horcrux on Harry on that fateful night, how did it end up backfiring and almost killing Voldemort? Though I will admit, it would be an interesting twist.

    I agree with you, Julie, that I believe Snape is a good guy. She started the story out with making him look bad and she’s known for twisting things right out from under our feet and since the 6th was mainly a set up for the 7th, Snape was being set up as a bad guy, but will ultimately be a good guy. But I think he’ll end up dying as well. Poor guy.

  4. Ron says:

    Some will die. Some will live. Merchandisers everywhere will retire like Kings.

  5. Shanna says:

    It would be too obvious to make Snape a bad guy in the end. Also, I think Dumbledore was already dying (remember the hand?) and he and Snape had discussed what might happen and what Snape might have to do.

    Harry, if he dies will come back to life somehow. I don’t think Harry, Ron, Hermione, or Ginny will die.

    I also think one of the twins will die and anyone else is up for grabs.

  6. Julie says:

    Yeah I think one of the twins will die too. And I think any member of the order of the phoenix is up for grabs. I kinda hope rita skeeter gets knocked off. She drives me nuts. If she was my character I would take great pains to make sure she died. I’d also make sure I killed off that piggy pink woman, Umbridge. I’d find a really great way to off that wretched female. Part of the fun in being a writer is killing off those who deserve it in every way. I hope Rowling takes advantage of her position as queen of the pen.

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