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What a Wonderful World

I recently came back from a family cruise to the Mexican Riviera with my entire family. My dad, mom, brothers, sister, all the in laws and the all the grandchildren. It was so many shades of fabulous that i could gush for several pages, but I will spare you all that gushing by simply saying, “Wow!”

It was fun. Yes, of course it was fun, but more than that it was wonderful to reconnect with my family that way. We had no distractions of our regular lives to take us away from each other. We ate meals together, went on walks on the track that overlooked the pacific ocean and watched the sun sink into its watery bed, and simply *enjoyed* the world around us.

I’m home now and though I hated the laundry mountain that had to be tackled at the end of the trip–I regret absolutely nothing (except not being able to finish that last chocolate melting cake on the last night of the cruise)

My boys have the Klondike Derby today for scouts where they will be sleeping out in the snow capped mountains over night. They left me the stuff they wanted to take in huge piles on the living room floor so I could organize the stuff into something manageable–no one packs like I do. I was in the midst of writing little Mom-Loves-You notes and tucking them into various pockets of their rucksacks when I was thinking about all the really beautiful things I’d seen on the cruise and on shore.

The rain forests, the sunsets, the pod of dolphins, the whales, the caves by the sea, the way the waves would swell before crashing on the shore and as each wave crested, it revealed schools of colorful fish that I hadn’t noticed before. Beaches of sand so light, you almost felt you were sinking into it, the simple joy of feeding an orange to a parrot.

Each little bit of uncovered beauty felt like a note carefully hidden in one of the pockets of my life for me to find at some unexpected moment saying that God loves me. I don’t what your religious affiliations are and don’t know that you don’t think I am intensely corny for feeling this way, but regardless of your beliefs, you have to admit, we live in a truly wonderful world.


It’s nice to get little reminders that the world is good and there are great people in it. Family is awesome.

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5 Responses
  1. Wonderful is right, Julie! What a fantastic trip! I dream of earning enough money from my writing to take my whole family on a trip like this, including my mom and siblings and their spouses and kids. A very good dream, right!

  2. Beautiful blog and beautiful pictures! The world truly is a beautiful place.

  3. L.T. Elliot says:

    We went on a vacation last fall and this perfectly encapsulates how I felt. It’s amazing how wide the world is. How incredible it is. How the sea and the surf and the towering mountains all form these wonders. And how little I see it in that kind of scope. It’s a beautiful thing.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I wanna go! I just read and reviewed Olivia on my blog. I really enjoyed the book, in fact, some of it hit a little to close to home in some ways.

  5. Lauren says:

    I went to the Oregon coast a few years ago and made a discovery about myself–I spent most of the time sitting in the hotel room writing! I do have some good memories of that trip, and beautiful pictures.


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