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Dave Farland’s New Series

Dave Farland has  a new fantasy called Nightengale, published by East India Press
Nightingale launches a marvelous contemporary fantasy for young adults, a grand adventure overflowing with wonders.  Alternately laugh-out-loud funny and terrifying, there’s a sweetness and passion to this novel that keeps readers up long into the night. This looks like something entirely new. It’s an enhanced novel which takes a bold step into the future of pulishing. I’m a fan of Dave’s works and am excited to read his new novel. I have a reluctant early teen reader in my house that this particular book is sure to be a hit with. Go check it out!
“A thrilling ride, with plenty of twists, action, and amazing characters.  I ripped through it.  Highly recommended.”
– James Dashner
New York Times Bestseller
“A beautifully crafted experience: stunning art, haunting music and delightfully subtle animated accents all accompany a riveting and deeply human story. There is (quite literally) nothing
else like it.”
– Editionals
“Farland is simply one of the best sci-fi and fantasy writers alive.”
– Orson Scott Card
Hugo, Nebula, and World
Fantasy Award Winner

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2 Responses
  1. Chris says:

    Ah, very interested. I’ll check it out.

    And can I say how much I love the title of your blog, Scattered Jules. Can’t help but think scattered jewels. So true.

  2. That looks like fun! Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

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