Oh for the love of . . .

. . . my kids.

Mr. Wright is out of town tonight, so it’s just the Wright brothers and me.  Already we’ve argued about what will be on the television while I make dinner. The argument was over whether we’d watch the Disney Channel or Unwrapped on the food channel. I lost.

So guess what we’re watching . . .

Yep. Unwrapped on the food channel. I swear these children are not mine. Why would they want to learn something on TV when they can have mindless entertainment? So, instead of a silly but fun show about teenage wizards, we’re learning about how the PEZ dispenser came into being and about some odd new pancake product called Batter Blaster.

The elder Wright Brother wants Batter Blaster bad. He is our family pancake maker and the Batter Blaster apparently is the newest rage in pancake making. I hadn’t made my first pancake until I was in college, and here is my ten year old, scoping out new ways to fine tune his breakfast making experiences.

The younger Wright brother has determined he wants an edible bouquet instead of cake for his birthday because it’s healthier (fruit instead of pastries), and he no longer drinks soda pop because he thinks soda pop is bad for you. Honestly! I did not teach them any of this. They are totally on their own when it comes to this total weirdness. I now get lectures about my Dr. Pepper habits.

The kids teach me a lot as we move through our time together, but I’ve taught them some pretty valuable things too, such as:

  • How to cuss in traffic
  • How to brush teeth
  • How to critique the dialogue in movies out loud in the theater
  • How to throw tantrums
  • How to read
  • How to irritate people with semantics
  • How to pick up litter
  • How to be a sore loser at Monopoly (which I refuse to play with them anymore because they gang up on me)

As you can see from the list, some of the stuff they learned from me is actually useful. I miss the daughter a lot and, in spite of teaching mostly less than useful life skills, still wish she was around for me to teach. She’ll be home for the summer in just two and a half months. Yay! This whole child rearing business is one well worth taking on.

Oh and I finished writing the manuscript, Spell Check, last month and have already started my new WIP tentatively called Dream Writers. I’m into it nearly fifty pages and so far loving the manuscript.

  1. Debbie

    That’s too funny! Although I think I’m with your boys on television watching. I adore The Food Network. I even got my husband to really like it on our honeymoon! We watched a lot of Ace of Cakes, for some reason.

    Also, I just finished reading “Eyes Like Mine” last week (after having it signed by you at LTUE) and it was marvelous! I just loved your characters. So, thank you!

  2. Cheri

    I’m thinking kids are just like that. Mine spend Sundays watching nature shows on Discovery, or PBS if Discovery has betrayed them by showing something else. But the reading thing–that’s all mine. And I want to think the conviction to follow their dreams is a little me as well.

  3. McKenna

    Julie I just believe that the youngest learned from the best non-soda drinker, Me.

  4. Lord Vader

    Obviously McKenna didn’t learn to go to bed on time from anyone. “I’m so tired.” No wonder why. Good Eats comes on right next to Unwrapped. You should always catch Alton. I guess you could go watch Worlds worst cooks.
    I love you.

  5. Kimberly

    My oldest eats pickles. Freakish, I tell you.

    Ah, the joy of loving your WIP – I’m in the same place right now and it’s luverly.

  6. Karlene

    This morning, my daughter brought me a green smoothie with instructions to “drink the whole thing because it’s good for you.” Kind of weird being bossed by your children.

  7. Hungry Jack

    Batter Blaster is AWESOME. We love it at our house. It makes amazing waffles too. It’s tasty, easy and fun!

  8. L.T. Elliot

    How awesome is it that your kids love the food channel? My kids would totally argue for Disney…or rather *shudder* nickelodeon. Oh the horror! Truthfully, they prefer to draw. They have an almost unhealthy obsession with paper. Really.

  9. L.T. Elliot

    p.s. Congrats on your daughter coming home soon for summer vacation!

  10. Shari Bird

    Julie, you amaze me. No, really. I’m sitting here in awe. You might wonder what in the world for considering you blogged about your incredible boys. Just trust me. I found some inspiring things about you in there.

  11. Margot

    Love the list of stuff you’ve taught…**giggle

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